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Your skills, knowledge and expertise matter to us a lot. Do we share the same vision to create innovative solutions that connect patients and providers to promote outstanding telehealth for all? Here’s how we can help you easily create online group therapy & counseling sessions:

Easy to use

GroupThera provides self-explanatory dashboards and tutorials that help you easily create online group therapy sessions. You can always reach our teams for any kind of help you need for creating sessions.

HIPAA compliance telehealth

GroupThera is secure and 100% HIPAA compliant telehealth. You can have confidence knowing that you are working on a trusted platform that is powerful and safe to use.

Access anywhere, anytime

GroupThera allows you to schedule sessions at the times of your choice…you have complete control. You can now use your time more effectively than ever before.

Group discussions

The best thing about GroupThera is that not only can you host secure one-on-one sessions, but you can also help multiple people through group therapy & counseling sessions. You are giving care and support to many people in the time you might’ve otherwise been treating just one. You get paid per participant, so it is an effective use of your time. Your participants benefit from your help and the wisdom of the group, creating a powerful win-win situation for all.

Full focus on treatment

GroupThera handles the administrative tasks of payments, entries, bills, etc. so you can focus on treatment. You have more time to focus on quality care and patient treatment. We strive to provide the best counseling therapy and lifestyle coaching subscribers through your focus and dedication.

Maximize your reach

Once you add your session to the portal you can make it visible to patients looking for help. Subscribers can join your session from anywhere. Groupthera allows high-quality group video conferencing with the users. It also enables one on one sessions.

How GroupThera works

how groupthera works

1. Signup


2. Schedule

Create a scheduled session with appropriate time and duration.

3. Invite

Share the session link with your patients or on social media.

4. Host

Start session and get on the video session with your users.

How to schedule online group therapy & counseling for mental health practitioners


Schedule sessions at your convenience. Users will be able to see and join your scheduled sessions.

Decide the duration and participant fee.

Select the topic of discussion.


You can directly share the session using a sharable link.


Start the session at the scheduled time.

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This online forum is a friendly space where you can provide care and support to those who need help. Topics can include things such as depression and anxiety, relationships, anger management, abuse and addiction.

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