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  1. Addiction recovery counseling
  2. Depression and anxiety
  3. Couple counseling
  4. ... many more.

Our Services

GroupThera’s mission is to provide you counseling that is completely online and easily accessible. You can connect to experts for different types of counseling and the best part is this can happen anytime and anywhere.

Qualified experts

You deserve the best. You can connect to the best practitioners who are licensed and fully qualified to practice in your area.

Live sessions

We offer live sessions on secure video. You can see the topic of discussion, duration, and host of the session before joining.


Where required, you can make quick payments in a few clicks with a completely secure payment option.

Specialized counseling

You just have to choose the area you need the counseling for and you will be connected to experts in that field.

Easily accessible

You don’t have to worry about taking time out of your routine to go to a counselor or psychiatrist. We make it easy by connecting you with the experts online.

How does it work

Get started

You can log in/ sign up using simple steps.


Find the expert you need for the type of counseling you are looking for.


Make payments using e-payments.

Start consultation/ Join live session

You can join an ongoing session or start a consultation with the selected expert.

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Do you want to help your loved ones and friends with the problems they are facing? Do you think you can be the catalyst in someone’s personal growth? Recommend GroupThera to them and let them find the best advice they can get from the experts.

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